2 liter liquid nitrogen container can be used for how long

2022-11-04 11:03:35

The small size of the liquid nitrogen container is represented by 2 liters.

Portable and easy to use with carrying handle, only 35mm aperture, liquid nitrogen evaporation loss 0.1kg/d.

It is suitable for short distance transfer of a small number of samples, and is aimed at users who need to transfer cryogenic samples manually on a regular basis!

It has a small loss of liquid nitrogen, but at the same time the volume is also small.

so how long can a 2-liter liquid nitrogen container be used?

Tenchi’s answer is: 15 days

Different data for each user due to the unmeasurable dynamic liquid nitrogen consumption of the liquid nitrogen container.

The 2-liter liquid nitrogen container also only has a static storage time of 15 days for reference. Liquid nitrogen container manufacturers have tested and found that 2-liter liquid nitrogen tanks can be stored for 15 days when they are fully loaded, not opened and not moved.

However, if this cryogenic container is used regularly to transfer samples, there will be a corresponding increase in the loss of liquid nitrogen on the move, and the more frequently the samples are transferred, the faster the liquid nitrogen will be used, so it depends on its own situation as to how long it can be used.

2 liters for those who do not require high preservation time and can accept frequent replenishment of liquid nitrogen.

However, for longer storage times, there are 3 and 6 liter liquid nitrogen containers available, and their evaporation loss is also 0.1 kg/d; static storage times are 2 liter multiples of 30 and 60 days, respectively.

2 liter liquid nitrogen container can be used for how long