6 Storage Benefits of Cryogenic LN2 Freezer

2022-11-18 10:05:00

There is a commercially available liquid nitrogen tank called “Cryogenic LN2 Freezer“, which is based on the storage of high volume biological samples.

Tailored to the long-term storage needs of stem cells, embryos and blood samples, there are 6 main storage advantages!

6 storage advantages of Cryogenic LN2 Freezer

1.Temperature monitoring

The Cryogenic LN2 Freezer has an intelligent monitoring and management interface that displays the temperature inside the liquid nitrogen tank in real time.

Users can set their own temperature override, temperature calibration, etc. If the temperature in the tank exceeds the high or low value, it will alarm; temperature accuracy ±1℃.

2.Liquid level monitoring and automatic liquid replenishment

Cryogenic LN2 Freezer comes with a level monitoring system that allows you to set a high or low level alarm value and receive a warning when the level is above or below.

Automatic replenishment setting, set the automatic replenishment height and stop replenishment height, the amount of liquid nitrogen is not enough to replenish automatically, and stop automatically after filling is completed.

3.Heat defamation road

In order to ensure the purity of liquid nitrogen entering the tank, Cryogenic LN2 Freezer is designed with a hot gas smear circuit, which will first discharge the room temperature nitrogen from the pipeline when replenishing the liquid to ensure that only low temperature liquid nitrogen is injected to ensure sample activity.

4.Stable opening temperature

Innovative lid design with offset neck with hinges, no need to open all the way when opening the lid, greatly reducing the rate of liquid nitrogen evaporation.

5.Temperature balance and stability

A gas phase storage method with liquid nitrogen at the bottom, using nitrogen produced by vaporization of liquid nitrogen to maintain low temperatures and temperature equalization.

Multi-layer high insulation design to ensure the internal temperature of the liquid nitrogen tank.

6.Large-capacity storage, less floor space

Cryogenic LN2 Freezer has casters at the bottom to reduce the floor space; with a capacity of 350L~1800L, it can store large space and can hold hundreds of thousands of samples.

6 Storage Benefits of Cryogenic LN2 Freezer