An ln2 tank that provides liquid nitrogen transfer and storage

2023-02-27 10:18:10

There are two types of Ln2 tanks, those for storing biological samples and those for replenishing liquid nitrogen for large-volume storage liquid nitrogen tanks!

Most of the biological samples are stored in white aluminum alloy tanks, which are open and have no pressure, and are used with buckets and cryopreservation racks.

Supplementary liquid nitrogen, metal-colored stainless steel tank, no pressure for liquid storage, pressure for infusion!

Today KGSQ mainly talks about this ln2 tank that provides liquid nitrogen transfer and storage!

Its shape is similar to that of a high-pressure Dewar bottle, with the same barrel-shaped + valve combination, which can output liquid nitrogen, but not nitrogen gas!

It has three states of liquid inflow, liquid outflow, and standing still. The opening of the valve is slightly different in different states!

When liquid enters, the pressurization is closed, and the vent valve and liquid intake valve are opened;

When the liquid is discharged, the booster is turned on, the vent is closed, and the liquid outlet valve is opened;

When standing still, the pressurization is closed, the liquid inlet and outlet are closed, and only the vent valve is opened!

It is a self-pressurized liquid nitrogen container, not a pressure container. The working pressure is no higher than 0.1MPa. When it exceeds 0.09MPa, the safety valve will automatically open to release the pressure to avoid the explosion caused by the sudden increase of pressure, and the use safety is better.

It is more suitable for matching with gas-phase liquid nitrogen container or large-capacity liquid nitrogen tank in the laboratory. It has high automatic liquid replenishment efficiency, and is equipped with a pressure stabilizing device. The infusion is stable, and the liquid nitrogen delivery is stable and fast.

An ln2 tank that provides liquid nitrogen transfer and storage