Are all liquid nitrogen containers in biological laboratories large diameter?

2023-09-20 09:34:02

Liquid nitrogen tanks are containers born based on the demand for liquid nitrogen freezing. They are divided into multiple series according to user needs.

The most commonly used ones are sperm storage, which is used in artificial insemination; cell storage in biological laboratories is another. There are different models in different places, and the characteristics are slightly different, such as sperm storage, how small the diameter is, and what diameter is the laboratory cell storage!

Does this mean tskhhhbvffhat the liquid nitrogen containers in biological laboratories are all large-diameter?

of course not!

Commonly used and used a lot doesn’t mean it’s all!

The reason why biological laboratories have large-diameter liquid nitrogen containers is because scientific research experiment objects, such as cells and tissues, mostly appear in the form of cryopreservation tubes + cryopreservation boxes, and need to be equipped with cryopreservation racks. Although the 80mm small diameter can also accommodate a freezing rack, the diameter is limited, the movement space is limited, and sample retrieval is relatively troublesome, and it is not as flexible as the large diameter above 125mm.

But if you have a small number of biological samples that cannot fit into one freezing rack, and you do not need a freezing rack for use, you can use a small diameter cryovial with a bucket, or you can wrap the cryovials directly with cotton thread. Then put it into a liquid nitrogen container. When sampling, just pull the cotton thread from the outside and lift out the cryopreservation tube.

In addition, in addition to the commonly used YDS series, there is also a stainless steel liquid nitrogen supply tank found in biological laboratories. This liquid nitrogen container has no caliber. There are only valves and handrails on the top to control fluid replenishment and cannot store samples.

Therefore, liquid nitrogen containers in biological laboratories are not always large-diameter!

Are all liquid nitrogen containers in biological laboratories large diameter