Are liquid nitrogen transport containers also made of aluminum alloy?

2024-06-05 09:58:46

The material affects the product quality, that’s for sure! Sometimes, the material even determines the product quality!

In order to preserve liquid nitrogen for a long time and provide a stable cryogenic environment for samples, aluminum alloy is selected as the material for static storage of liquid nitrogen containers. This material is resistant to cryogenic and heat preservation, has stable performance, is not easy to react with liquid nitrogen, and has high strength and wear resistance as the basis for container construction.

This was also chosen based on liquid nitrogen and sample storage needs!

However, containers have different structural designs or materials for different purposes. For example, the structure of liquid nitrogen transport containers is different from that of static liquid nitrogen storage containers. Conventional transport containers have three-side supports on the inner liner to prevent shock during transportation, which protects the neck tube well. Dry transport containers are divided into liquid nitrogen adsorption and sample storage areas, and the structural differences are greater than those of storage tanks.

What about the material? Are they made of the same material?

Are liquid nitrogen transport containers also made of aluminum alloy?


Although liquid nitrogen transport containers are used for sample transfer, the transfer process cannot be separated from liquid nitrogen. Whether it is liquid phase transfer or dry transfer, liquid nitrogen faces the same problems as static storage types, such as heat preservation and volatility reduction, as well as whether the material and liquid nitrogen/nitrogen gas will produce chemical reactions. Aluminum alloy is stable and heat-insulating, and its heat preservation + strength is irreplaceable by other materials. This is very different from other containers. After all, ordinary containers do not need to consider heat preservation!

Therefore, liquid nitrogen transport containers are also made of aluminum alloy or aviation aluminum, and the inner and outer tanks are the same!

Are liquid nitrogen transport containers also made of aluminum alloy