Are there pressure risks with nitrogen sperm tanks?

2024-04-15 10:15:01

Because users have the need to use liquid nitrogen, ln2 containers appear;

As the number of places where liquid nitrogen should be used increases, the types of containers for it also increase, and nitrogen sperm tanks are one of them.

Nitrogen sperm tank is a semen storage liquid nitrogen tank, you can also call it a nitrogen tank for artificial insemination semen. It contains the semen of improved varieties required for animal husbandry and uses liquid nitrogen for long-term low-temperature storage to ensure the activity of the semen.

These are all very familiar operations for long-term livestock breeding practitioners, and they are completely assured of the use of ln2 containers. But novices are different. New users who have learned about the quick-freezing capabilities of liquid nitrogen, the structural characteristics of the container, and the vaporization of low-temperature liquids are quite worried that the nitrogen sperm tank will have pressure risks and cause dangerous explosions.

Will it?

Are there pressure risks with nitrogen sperm tanks?

Answer: Whether there is any risk actually depends on whether the user uses it appropriately! If you follow the instructions for your nitrogen sperm tank exactly and make no additional modifications to the tank, there is no risk!

Additional modifications included replacing the original neck plug of the nitrogen sperm tank with another that provides a tighter seal.

If you do not follow the instructions, in order to avoid static evaporation loss of the ln2 container, wrap a plastic bag around the neck plug.

These operations are quite dangerous because the evaporation of liquid nitrogen is irreversible, even if it is placed in an insulated container such as a sperm nitrogen tank. When liquid nitrogen volatilizes into gas, it will have pressure. At this time, if the original one is relatively loose and the neck plug that does not block the vent hole is replaced, the volatilized nitrogen will accumulate in the container, thus forming pressure.

Wrapping a plastic bag on the top of the neck plug will have the same result, which will prevent the nitrogen from being discharged and cause a dangerous incident!

Therefore, as long as it is used normally and according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, there is no risk of pressure in the nitrogen sperm tank! Because, in the design stage of the container, pressure and safety issues have been taken into consideration and measures have been taken to avoid them!

Are there pressure risks with nitrogen sperm tanks