At what ambient temperature does the laboratory ice machine produce ice effectively?

2024-01-05 09:31:45

All ice-making equipment, regardless of size, commercial or laboratory, requires internal cooling before operation.

The internal cooling effect will be affected by the ambient temperature. The higher the temperature, the worse the cooling effect and the slower the speed;

Therefore, the more ice is used in a place with high requirements, the more attention will be paid to the ambient temperature of the ice machine, such as a laboratory!

The ice in the laboratory comes from the laboratory ice machine and serves scientific research projects. Whether it is a test tube ice bath or used for other purposes, the ice used in experiments is strictly required. It requires the cleanliness of the ice, as well as the shape of the ice, and no snowflakes. The crushed ice condenses into one piece, or becomes a mixture of ice and water. The cooling effect of such ice will not be good, and the poor cooling effect will affect the experimental process.

Therefore, the laboratory ice machine will emphasize the ambient temperature!

So at what temperature does it produce ice effectively?

Around 20℃!

Careful users will notice that the recommended temperature of many ice machine manufacturers is 20°C!

20°C is also the temperature used by the factory for laboratory ice making machine factory testing, ice storage capacity, and ice production capacity testing!

Under this temperature environment, the fineness of the produced snowflake ice can be directly used for display. The water content is moderate, the cooling speed is fast, and there is no problem of the ice cubes sticking into one large piece. The ice particles are not shaped, broken, and can be more It fits the shape of the test tube well, cools down more evenly, and is more efficient!

At what ambient temperature does the laboratory ice machine produce ice effectively