Biochemical constant temperature incubator

Product Usage:

Suitable for bacterial and microbial culture, used for breeding, fermentation, microbial culture, Various constant temperature tests, environmental tests, substance denaturation tests and culture medium, serum, Storage of medicines and other items, etc. Can be widely used in medicine, textile, food processing and other sterility tests, widely used in medical and health, biopharmaceutical, agricultural research, Environmental protection and other research applications.



  • 01Mirror stainless steel liner, semi-circular arc design at four corners, easy to clean, adjustable shelf spacing in the box. Microcomputer temperature controller, accurate and reliable temperature control.
  • 02The speed of the circulating fan is automatically controlled to avoid volatilization of the sample due to excessive speed during the test.
  • 03There is an independent temperature limit alarm system, which will automatically interrupt when the temperature exceeds the limit to ensure the safe operation of the experiment without accidents.
  • 04With RS485 interface, optional printer can record the changes of temperature parameters.
  • 05Air duct structure: The annular airflow design concept is adopted, and the forced convection simulates the principle of air circulation to ensure that the internal temperature is highly uniform and stable.
  • 06Test hole (optional): A 45mm diameter test hole produced by a special mold is set on the side of the box to facilitate user monitoring.
  • 07The insulation material of the box is made of German Bayer fluorine-free polyurethane, and the overall-secondary foaming technology greatly improves the insulation performance, thereby greatly reducing energy consumption.
  • 08It has functions such as over-temperature protection and leakage protection, as well as automatic start, automatic stop, automatic operation, clock display, call recovery and other functions.
  • 09Imported compressor, dynamic adjustment of compressor cooling capacity, using environmentally friendly refrigerant (R134a), high efficiency, low energy consumption, and promoting energy saving. (refrigeration)
  • 10360-degree omnidirectional sterilization without dead angle, 360-degree microcomputer PID control: The standard UV disinfection lamp independently controls the start and stop, which is convenient to use. (mold incubator)


model Biochemical constant temperature incubator
DHP-080H/W DHP-150H/W DHP-250H/W DHP-350H/W DHP-500H/W DHP-1000H/W
volume 80L 150L 250L 350L 500L 1000L
Temperature control range 0~70℃
temperature resolution 0.1℃
temperature uniformity ≤0.5℃
temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
input power 500W 700W 800W 1300W 1800W 3500W
power supply AC 220V 50HZ
Working temperature 5-35℃
Continuous working time Not less than 9999h
Studio size(mm) 400*400*500 470*500*800 550*500*840 600*600*1000 600*730"1200 500*1360*1560
Dimensions(mm) 550*560*1140 680*740*1550 740*850*1670 780*850*1750 900*850*1910 800*1950*1870
Load carrier (standard) 2 pieces 3 pieces 6 pieces


  • Marking: W----UV, for mold incubator,H----refrigeration (0-70 degrees)


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