Bullet ice maker compressor working intermittently

2022-08-10 09:16:38

The compressor is the power part of the bullet ice machine. If the compressor does not work, the whole ice making process cannot be carried out.

However, because the compressor provides power, it is more susceptible to the influence of voltage and current, resulting in some ice-making failures, such as the intermittent operation of the compressor.

What should I do if the compressor of the bullet ice machine works intermittently?

Starting from the cause of the failure, Tianchi will talk about the treatment method for the intermittent work of the compressor:

1.If the voltage is too low, check the overload current and supply voltage in time.

2.The contact point is not in good contact, check the contact point and deal with it.

3.The system turns on high voltage protection.

4.The compressor starter is faulty, check the compressor circuit to see if the starter wire is loose.

5.The condenser is too dirty, clean the filter screen and condenser.

6.If there is non-condensable gas in the system, vacuum again and add fluorine.

7.Air circulation is blocked to ensure air circulation around the machine.

The reasons for the intermittent operation of the bullet ice machine compressor are as follows. It can be seen that in addition to the voltage, the line contact and the cleanliness of the condenser will affect it, and regular inspection can avoid these problems.

Bullet ice maker compressor working intermittently