Can a 10 liter liquid nitrogen dewar be used for a week?

2023-04-12 09:14:53

Common models of liquid nitrogen Dewar tanks – 10 liters,

This model can not only store bull semen, but also put a small amount of cells. It can also be used for beauty spots, and liquid nitrogen food production. It can be called the “flow” in liquid nitrogen Dewar tanks, and it is also the entry-level model of liquid nitrogen series tanks. !

Therefore, when some new users do not understand the 10-liter container, they will have such questions: With the liquid nitrogen storage capacity (10 liters) of the 10-liter liquid nitrogen Dewar tank, can it be used for a week?

In fact, this problem should be judged comprehensively in combination with the caliber size of the container and the frequency of use!

If it is a 10-liter 50mm caliber liquid nitrogen Dewar tank, the liquid nitrogen is stored statically for 100 days, that is, it is not opened and not used. The more you use it, the shorter it will last, but it won’t last just a week.

If it is 10 liters of 80mm caliber, it is stored statically for 56 days, the frequency of access is high, and the storage time is reduced. However, combined with user feedback, the liquid nitrogen Dewar tank will not only be used for one week under normal use.

The 10-liter 125 Dewar tank can be stored statically for 30 days. The large diameter of 125mm can be used for more than a week if it is opened almost every day, although the loss of liquid nitrogen will increase significantly.

10 liters of 210 liquid nitrogen Dewar, statically store liquid nitrogen for 6 days, if it is it, it will be necessary to replenish liquid nitrogen in less than a week.

Therefore, if you want to use the 10-liter liquid nitrogen Dewar tank for more than a week before refilling, you must remember to avoid the 210mm caliber, and the 50mm caliber is better. However, the actual application still needs to determine the caliber in combination with the sample volume. If you don’t know, you can consult the KGSQ liquid nitrogen tank online customer service!

Can a 10 liter liquid nitrogen dewar be used for a week