Can a vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezer be used for embryo storage?

2024-04-08 09:37:17

Embryo storage is one of the common experimental topics and plays an important role in promoting the progress of life sciences!

Its importance in the research field also determines that its storage must take into account both activity and long-lasting stability;

Among all experimental equipment in the field of biological research, only liquid nitrogen tanks can meet this condition!

Therefore, liquid nitrogen tanks have always been used for cryopreservation of embryos, and they are conventional liquid nitrogen tanks for liquid phase storage!

But recently, vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezers have appeared on the market, which also belong to the field of liquid nitrogen biological containers. They have the advantages of separation and storage of liquid nitrogen samples, and also have intelligent monitoring and management systems, which are very different from conventional liquid nitrogen containers! Can it be used for embryo storage?

May I?

Can a vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezer be used for embryo storage?


The vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezer is just a liquid nitrogen tank with a larger capacity. Its sample storage is not limited to embryos. It can also be used to store biological samples such as cells, tissues, and blood. In the mode of separating liquid nitrogen and samples, the nitrogen gas formed by evaporation of liquid nitrogen at the bottom is used to cool the embryos. The temperature is maintained at about -150°C, which can meet the long-term storage needs of most embryos.

Compared with the traditional liquid phase, this operating mode can prevent the freezing box from being tightly sealed, liquid nitrogen entering the interior, and the cryogenic tube bursting due to the excessive temperature difference between the inside and outside after taking it out, damaging the embryos, and affecting the experimental process. There is also an intelligent monitoring and management system to help record temperature curves, remind fluid replenishment, transmit operating data, etc. It is a relatively intelligent vapor-phase liquid nitrogen tank.

However, one thing to note is that it is true that embryos can be stored using a vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezer, but there are certain quantity restrictions.

Because there are two types of vapor phase freezers, the large model is 350-1800 liters, which is suitable for the establishment and use of embryo sample banks. The number of samples exceeds 10,000 and can be selected. The small model is 65-175 liters, relatively flexible, and can be used when the number of embryos is about 2400-6000.

Now, everyone knows whether a vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezer can be used for embryo storage!

Now you also know how to choose vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezer based on the number of embryos!

Can a vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezer be used for embryo storage