Can empty liquid nitrogen tanks be transported?

2023-08-16 09:22:16

The purpose of purchasing liquid nitrogen tanks is to store liquid nitrogen, or to preserve biological samples.

But sometimes the buyer is not necessarily the end user, or they bring the jar to other places to fill the sample with liquid nitrogen. This involves transportation, and it is said that liquid nitrogen tanks are more suitable for static use, otherwise the liquid nitrogen will evaporate more, and it is easy to damage the neck tube of the container, but this is on the premise that it is filled with liquid nitrogen. Does that mean that the tank is empty? Can it be transported?

Can empty liquid nitrogen tanks be transported?

sure! But also pay attention to fix it well to prevent bumps!

Liquid nitrogen tanks are indeed more suitable for static storage, but not only for static use, the manufacturer also designs a transport type. If the sample is to be transported, it is recommended to use a liquid nitrogen transport tank with three-side support; usually a static storage tank is fine.

If it is an empty tank for transshipment, any type can be used. The empty tank is not filled with liquid nitrogen, so there is no need to worry that the liquid nitrogen will spill out during transportation and cause damage to surrounding objects. However, it is still necessary to fix it like the sample transfer tank to avoid bumping the liquid nitrogen tank caused by uneven road surface shaking back and forth. Once a large bump occurs and the tank body is sunken, the vacuum degree of the liquid nitrogen tank will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, empty liquid nitrogen tanks can be transported, but they cannot be transported without fixing them!

Can empty liquid nitrogen tanks be transported