Can laboratory ice machines only be of snowflake type?

2023-10-20 09:54:49

In addition to classifying ice machines according to ice type, ice machines can also be classified according to the location, such as laboratory ice making machines, bar milk tea shop ice making machines, etc. The location corresponds to the ice type, such as laboratory ice making machine, snowflake type, bar ice making machine, etc. There are cube ice type and bullet ice type for ice making.

Now that we have mentioned this, does it mean that only the snowflake type can be used for laboratory ice machines?

Isn’t it like other places, such as bars and KTVs, that can use two or more ice types?

Not really!

To be precise, the snowflake-type ice machine is more suitable for laboratory use, because most low-temperature experiments require crushed snowflake ice, and only finely crushed snowflake ice can penetrate into the gaps, have fuller contact with the test tube, has a higher water content, and has a faster cooling speed. quick!

But this does not mean that the laboratory ice machine can only choose the snowflake type. For example, some low-temperature experiments are not suitable for snowflake crushed ice and require large particles or finer particles. On the contrary, other ice-type ice machines are more suitable. Appropriate, of course the snowflake ice maker cannot be used in this case.

In short, everything should still be demand-oriented. This does not mean that laboratory ice machines can only be snowflake-type. It is just that snowflake-type ice machines are more suitable for laboratory “ice baths” and occupy a higher proportion in scientific research sites.

Can laboratory ice machines only be of snowflake type