Can liquid nitrogen dewar cells be stored in round buckets?

2024-04-24 13:44:18

Users who have a certain knowledge of liquid nitrogen containers may notice that the accessories of different types of tanks are different!

Like the semen storage series, accessories include round buckets and protective covers;

The liquid nitrogen Dewar cell storage series is a square rack (freezing rack) and a freezing box without a protective cover!

The reason for this design is also very simple. Semen is stored in the form of thin tubes. The tubular round bucket is suitable for its placement and can keep the thin tubes upright for easy access. After processing, the embryonic cells are in the form of cryopreservation tubes and need to be fixed, so round buckets are not suitable. Square racks with cryopreservation boxes are more suitable.

This is the main reason liquid nitrogen Dewar cell storage comes standard in shaped racks!

But there is a problem here. Liquid nitrogen storage Dewars equipped with square shelves are all large diameters of more than 125mm, but the storage of embryonic cells does not always save a large amount. When the quantity is small, choose a small liquid nitrogen Dewar, such as 15 liters, and then use a wide neck such as 125mm to replenish the liquid more frequently. Instead, a small diameter suitable for a round bucket is more suitable. What should I do?

In this case, can a liquid nitrogen storage Dewar with a round bucket be used?

In other words, can liquid nitrogen Dewar cell storage be fixed in a round bucket?

Actually it is possible!

In terms of storing cell tubes, although round buckets are not as good as square shelves, they are not completely impossible. As long as the cell tubes are fixed with cryo-storage clips, round buckets can also be used. However, the storage space of round buckets is limited and not as good as square shelves. High utilization rate. If there are hundreds of embryonic cells, it is recommended to choose a square rack, which is easier to manage and can also classify samples.

The above is the answer to the question: Can round buckets be used for liquid nitrogen Dewar cell storage? The answer is yes, but it depends on the number of cells stored!

Can liquid nitrogen dewar cells be stored in round buckets