Can liquid nitrogen freezer be used for strain preservation?

2024-05-10 09:48:08

Preservation of bacterial strains is also a commonly encountered form in scientific research experiments;

Preserving bacterial strains is no different from embryos. They need to be pre-processed and placed in a suitable cryogenic container for long-term freezing to preserve the current state of the strains and prevent them from growing and developing. The commonly used storage form is – liquid nitrogen tank!

There are various types of liquid nitrogen tanks. It is clear that the YDS series can be used for bacterial strain preservation; the liquid nitrogen supply tank is also clear and cannot be used for sample storage. What about the gas-phase liquid nitrogen freezer? Can it be used for strain preservation?

of course!

The liquid nitrogen freezer is still a liquid nitrogen tank. It has a similar structure to the conventional liquid nitrogen container. The only difference is the way the sample is stored! Therefore, the types of biological samples they target are the same, and cell, embryo, and strain preservation are all supported!

It should be noted that there are two points to consider when using: the number of strains and the desired preservation method!

If the number of strains is within 6,000, do not choose a stainless steel liquid nitrogen freezer. Its capacity is in the range of 350-1,800 liters, and the storage capacity of strains starts at 10,000. Optional aluminum alloy YDS or cryobank liquid nitrogen tanks.

Then consider the preservation method, whether to choose vapor phase or liquid phase!

If it is stored in liquid phase, a conventional aluminum liquid nitrogen container of 1-175 liters can be used, which is the YDS series;

If stored in gas phase and the quantity is within 6,000, cryobank liquid nitrogen tanks of 65, 95, 145 and 175 liters can meet the needs. It comes with an intelligent monitoring and management system similar to that of a liquid nitrogen freezer, which can provide real-time detection of temperature and liquid level, as well as automatic liquid level and temperature alarms, as well as remote information prompts and operation data collection.

It is now clear that liquid nitrogen freezers can be used for strain preservation, but there are prerequisites. It is more appropriate to choose it only when the number of strains is >6,000 and gas phase storage is required. If you choose such a vapor-phase storage liquid nitrogen tank for a small amount of bacteria, in addition to wasting space, you will also have to pay a relatively high price, which may exceed your budget!

Can liquid nitrogen freezer be used for strain preservation