Can liquid nitrogen transport containers be carried on an airplane?

2024-03-29 10:05:20

In scientific research experiments and animal husbandry, occasional sample transfers or frequent artificial insemination outside the home may occur;

However, whether you transfer samples occasionally or go out frequently for artificial insemination, you need to use a liquid nitrogen transport container. This is because liquid nitrogen tanks used indoors are mainly for static storage, and transportation use will damage the lifespan.

Most of these transportations are by land, but the possibility of using public transportation such as airplanes cannot be ruled out!

Can these liquid nitrogen transport containers be put on airplanes?

It depends on which type of liquid nitrogen transport tank is used!

Liquid nitrogen transport containers are divided into two categories, one is a liquid phase storage transport tank, and the other is a dry type, which is a vapor phase storage tank.

Although the transport container for liquid phase storage has a three-sided anti-shock support design and is not afraid of bumps, it cannot pass the safety inspection of public transportation such as airplanes and high-speed rail because it contains liquid nitrogen inside.

And due to the unique loose neck plug design of the liquid nitrogen tank, if it is tipped over, the liquid nitrogen will overflow, causing danger or causing panic; therefore, liquid nitrogen transport containers in the liquid phase are not allowed on airplanes. It can only be used for fixed land transfer.

The other one, a dry liquid nitrogen transport tank, can be put on the plane!

Its liner design is different from that of a liquid nitrogen tank. Its interior is separated by a stainless steel mesh screen, which divides the liner into two parts: the inner and outer parts. The part close to the inner liner wall is equipped with adsorbent material to absorb liquid. nitrogen. Storage of samples externally. It is equivalent to using nitrogen to refrigerate the sample. There is no liquid nitrogen in the container, so it can pass the security inspection smoothly.

Moreover, this kind of dry liquid nitrogen transport container has no flowing liquid because the liquid nitrogen has been adsorbed. Even if the air flow of the aircraft is bumpy and the tank tilts or falls, no liquid nitrogen will flow out, causing a dangerous incident!

In summary, liquid nitrogen transport containers are allowed on airplanes, but you have to choose the right product!

Can liquid nitrogen transport containers be carried on an airplane