Can small liquid nitrogen tanks be used for embryo storage?

2024-04-10 09:59:42

From a long time ago, everyone has been accustomed to classifying commonly used items and then naming them;

When using it, you will specify a certain type of product, and then select the model or item you need. The liquid nitrogen tank is similar!

For example, if you go out to collect semen or only store it in liquid nitrogen, a small liquid nitrogen tank is usually designated;

But if it is embryo storage in the laboratory, it is usually a 30-175 liter wide-necked liquid nitrogen container with a matching freezing rack!

Does this mean that small liquid nitrogen tanks cannot be used for embryo storage?

of course not!

As mentioned before, they are classified because there are many such models for animal husbandry semen collection and liquid nitrogen storage. However, there are often many frozen samples in laboratories, which require larger-capacity containers. It should be convenient and wide to retrieve embryos. The neck is more suitable and can also form a square frame. Therefore, those with wide neck + large capacity + shelf are classified as commonly used for laboratory embryos.

It is not necessary to use a wide-necked liquid nitrogen container to preserve embryos. Small liquid nitrogen tanks are also acceptable in some cases!

For example, at the beginning of the experiment, the number of sampled embryos was not very large. There are currently only a dozen tubes, and the number will not increase much for a long time. In this case, a more expensive wide-neck liquid nitrogen tank is the best choice. Not as good as the small liquid nitrogen tank series.

Also, the number of embryos is fixed and will not exceed 300 tubes, so there is no doubt that you should choose a small liquid nitrogen tank!

In addition, you should know that although small liquid nitrogen tanks commonly use 50mm and 80mm small diameters, it does not mean that there are no other calibers to choose from. If you want to use it with a shelf, you can also choose a large diameter small liquid nitrogen container, such as 125mm, just Its evaporation loss is higher than that of small diameters, and of course it should be considered based on the specific capacity.

If you don’t know how to choose, you can consult the manufacturer’s customer service staff to recommend a more suitable small liquid nitrogen tank!

Can small liquid nitrogen tanks be used for embryo storage