Can stainless steel liquid nitrogen tanks store and transfer liquid nitrogen?

2023-06-14 10:18:14

Stainless steel liquid nitrogen tanks, that is, liquid nitrogen tanks made of stainless steel, correspond to traditional aluminum alloy tanks.

Everyone knows the application of aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen tanks. There are many types. Some can store liquid nitrogen and freeze samples, and some can transfer samples by air or long distance, but they are not good at liquid nitrogen transfer. What about the stainless steel liquid nitrogen tank?

It is also a liquid nitrogen container, can it also store liquid nitrogen and samples, but cannot transfer liquid nitrogen?

of course not!

There are two types of stainless steel liquid nitrogen tanks, one is a biobank tank, which can store hundreds of thousands of stem cells, blood, embryos and other samples, also called cell bank or stem cell liquid nitrogen storage tank; equipped with an intelligent monitoring system, it cannot realize liquid Nitrogen transfer.

The other is precisely designed for liquid nitrogen transfer and can be used as a liquid nitrogen supplement tank for biological containers. Its internal structure is consistent with that of an aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen tank. It is also a double-wall vacuum + heat insulation material to prolong the storage time of liquid nitrogen. The exterior is equipped with a valve to control the entry and exit of liquid nitrogen, and the bottom has casters for easy indoor movement, close to the liquid nitrogen container that needs to be replenished.

This stainless steel liquid nitrogen tank is also called liquid nitrogen supply tank, self-pressurized liquid nitrogen supply tank, liquid nitrogen output within 0.1MPa pressure, double safety valve protection, to avoid pressurization exceeding 0.1MPa, greatly avoiding the danger caused by high pressure.

Therefore, whether the stainless steel liquid nitrogen tank can store and transfer liquid nitrogen still depends on the kind of stainless steel tank!

Can stainless steel liquid nitrogen tanks store and transfer liquid nitrogen