Can the bullet ice cube machine only make hollow ice?

2024-03-01 09:39:16

With the development of science and technology, ice making was first made manually by machines, and then ice was purchased from merchants and made by oneself. The change was the emergence of ice making machines and various ice types to choose from, such as cube ice and bullet ice. Different ice types correspond to different needs. For example, a beverage store needs hollow ice, and ice with regular shape and certain hardness.

In addition to square ice, there are also crescent ice, spherical ice, and bullet round ice that meet the requirements of beverage stores.

We know that there are two types of ice cube machines: solid and hollow. So is the same for the bullet ice machine?

Actually, it’s different!

The bullet ice cube machine makes hollow ice! There is only one option: hollow!

Unlike square ice and spherical ice, which are ice tray molds, condensation water fills the ice tray from top to bottom. After freezing, it is taken out into the prescribed shape of the ice tray. The bullet ice machine does not have a mold, or it has a special mold. Water surges up to surround the stainless steel “column” and condenses into ice under the action of the evaporator. After molding, the middle column is hollow.

This structural design determines that the bullet ice machine can only make hollow ice, because the spray ice making method of commercial bullet ice machines cannot be changed, and the column cannot be eliminated. As long as the column exists, it can only be hollow bullet ice.

Of course, you need hollow bullet ice like this to go with drinks and wine, but the solid one is not easy to use!

Can the bullet ice cube machine only make hollow ice