Can the liquid nitrogen supply tank hold cell samples?

2023-05-19 10:27:03

There are two types of containers for storing liquid nitrogen: pressurized YDZ and non-pressurized YDS.

Supercharged YDZ, named “liquid nitrogen supply tank” because of supercharged infusion; non-pressurized YDS, open design, no pressure!

The same liquid nitrogen storage container, YDS series liquid nitrogen tank can use liquid nitrogen as a medium to freeze biological samples such as cells and semen.

Is the liquid nitrogen supply tank of YDZ series OK? If I have a cell sample, can it be placed in a transfer tank? Can’t!

Comparing the pictures of liquid nitrogen containers of YDZ and YDS, it can be found that due to structural differences and different product “positioning”, the liquid nitrogen supply tank has no storage entrance for cell samples at all, and there are no matching buckets and freezer racks for cell sample storage. Wait, there are only valve pipes for liquid nitrogen to enter and exit!

As can be seen from the figure below, the opening position of the liquid nitrogen supply container is almost a “fully sealed” design. Except for the valve combination, it is the instrument panel and the armrest ring. There is no caliber of 50mm or 125mm like the conventional liquid nitrogen container. Cells are stored inside, and there are no openings for cells to enter.

In addition, everyone needs to understand that the liquid nitrogen supply tank is made of 304 stainless steel, and its thermal insulation performance is actually weaker than the aviation aluminum material of the YDS biological container. If it is used to store cells, an aluminum liquid nitrogen tank is more suitable.

Stainless steel supply tanks are better at replenishing liquid nitrogen for cryopreserved cell liquid nitrogen tanks!

Can the liquid nitrogen supply tank hold cell samples