Can the liquid nitrogen transfer container only transfer liquid nitrogen?

2024-03-20 11:25:18

Currently, commonly used liquid nitrogen containers are divided into two categories: storage and transfer;

Storage types are divided into large and small models and calibers, and are mainly used for the preservation of liquid nitrogen and samples;

The transfer category can also be subdivided into two categories: liquid nitrogen transport containers and liquid nitrogen transfer containers. They are different containers. The former is in the shape of a traditional liquid nitrogen tank and is still used in combination with liquid nitrogen and samples; the latter is a new type, made of Liquid nitrogen transfer is used.

Is the liquid nitrogen transfer container only used to transfer liquid nitrogen?

That’s right!

The liquid nitrogen transfer container can only be used to transfer liquid nitrogen. It does not support the transfer of low-temperature liquids other than liquid nitrogen, such as liquid oxygen, liquid argon, etc. It cannot also be used to transfer samples for the following three reasons:

1.Special caliber design

The obvious difference between a liquid nitrogen transfer container and a conventional liquid nitrogen tank lies in its diameter!

Conventional liquid nitrogen container diameters are 50, 80mm, 125, 216mm, but the liquid nitrogen transfer tank has no diameter. To be precise, it is a special diameter design, with a handrail + valve set instead of an open mouth, so it has no sample inlet and outlet. Naturally, it cannot be used for sample transfer.

2.Material limitations

The reason why the liquid nitrogen transfer container cannot be used to store cryogenic liquids other than liquid nitrogen is because its material selection is only based on the low-temperature characteristics of liquid nitrogen and does not consider other cryogenic liquids. If you use it to hold liquid oxygen or liquid argon, there is no guarantee that these liquids will react chemically with the 304 stainless steel material, causing corrosion, rust or other problems in the liner.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use a liquid nitrogen transfer tank to transfer other cryogenic liquids!

3. Internal structure

Inside the conventional liquid nitrogen container, in order to preserve the sample, in addition to the grooves at the diameter, there is also a bulge in the inner tank for fixing the round buckets and freezing racks to avoid collision between the buckets and affect the use. . There is no internal structure in these liquid nitrogen transfer containers. From the beginning, they were only designed to transfer liquid nitrogen, and nothing else was considered.

Seeing this, everyone should know about the liquid nitrogen transfer container! It is only a transfer container for liquid nitrogen, not a transfer device for samples or other liquids!

Can the liquid nitrogen transfer container only transfer liquid nitrogen