Can the pressure be adjusted in the liquid nitrogen supply tank?

2023-01-13 09:56:29

The classification of liquid nitrogen tanks is clear.

YDS series for the storage of biological samples.

The YDD series are stem cell tanks for the storage of large volumes of biological samples.

The YDZ series are liquid nitrogen supply tanks, which can be self-pressurised to replenish the YDS and YDD with liquid nitrogen!

As a pressurised supply liquid nitrogen tank, can the YDZ range be pressure regulated?

Naturally, it’s possible!

The YDZ series of liquid nitrogen supply tanks are used in various regions, with different altitudes and different pressure requirements, and the same standard value of 0.05 MPa has a different output speed in different regions.

Therefore, for the user’s experience and to ensure output efficiency, liquid nitrogen tank manufacturers provide a standard reference value in addition to a booster valve for the liquid nitrogen supply tank, which can be twisted to adjust the pressure level by itself.

If the standard pressure of 0.05 MPa is found to be too slow, the pressure can be increased by twisting clockwise.

Thinking that the 0.05 MPa flow rate is high, turn the booster valve counterclockwise to reduce the pressure a little.

Also note that the pressure of the liquid nitrogen supply tank must not exceed 0.09 MPa, once exceeded the safety valve will automatically open to release the pressure and exhaust to prevent dangerous events!

Can the pressure be adjusted in the liquid nitrogen supply tank