Can’t the liquid nitrogen supply tank release liquid nitrogen without pressure?

2023-12-01 09:14:41

There are two types of liquid nitrogen containers: one for storing liquid nitrogen and samples, and the other for replenishing the container with liquid nitrogen!

The former needs to be checked regularly and filled with liquid nitrogen at the right time. The latter, called the liquid nitrogen supply tank, is a “tool” for replenishing liquid nitrogen to the former. It also has another name – a self-pressurizing liquid nitrogen tank!

As you can tell from the name, this supply tank is a container that needs to be pressurized to release liquid nitrogen.

If there is no pressure, will the liquid nitrogen supply tank be unable to release liquid nitrogen?


The supply of liquid nitrogen relies on pressure, and this is true for liquid nitrogen pumps. The pedals rely on human power to pressurize, and the machinery uses electricity to pressurize, not to mention the liquid nitrogen supply tank with higher rehydration efficiency! Its structure and principle also determine that without pressure, there is no power, and liquid nitrogen cannot be output.

Moreover, everyone should not forget the existence of gravity. Whether the liquid nitrogen pump draws liquid nitrogen from other tanks to the target container, or the liquid nitrogen supply tank itself has space for loading liquid nitrogen, these liquids in the tank are affected by gravity. It cannot flow out on its own without tilting the jar to the point of being overturned or applying push force.

The supply tank has no opening, so tilting it cannot solve the problem. Pressure is its thrust!

Before the liquid nitrogen needs to be released, open the booster valve of the liquid nitrogen supply tank and close the vent valve in advance. Let external air enter the booster coil from the booster valve to increase the heat of the inner tank wall and use this heat to evaporate the liquid nitrogen. , turning it into nitrogen and continuing to accumulate until it reaches 0.05MPa, which is enough to support the smooth output of liquid nitrogen!

Therefore, no matter from the perspective of structural principles or gravity, the liquid nitrogen supply tank cannot discharge liquid nitrogen without pressure.

Can't the liquid nitrogen supply tank release liquid nitrogen without pressure