Cell bank storage principle and advantages

2022-09-05 09:34:10

Although the cell bank storage is the same as the liquid nitrogen tank storage, the vacuum jacket design is used;

That is, a layer of inner bladder and a layer of outer bladder, with a vacuum between the inner and outer bladders, and filled with adsorbent materials;

But the actual working principle is very different.

Liquid nitrogen tank storage will immerse samples such as cells in “refrigerant” liquid nitrogen;

Cell bank storage is to use liquid nitrogen to reduce the temperature by endothermic vaporization;

Therefore, the storage of liquid nitrogen tanks is well understood. Just like the use of snowflake ice machines to make ice baths in the laboratory, the samples are directly frozen with liquid nitrogen at -196 °C; the storage of cell banks is relatively complicated, but some aspects have more advantages!

Today, Tianchi will talk about the storage principle and advantages of cell bank!

Cell bank storage principle:

The general overview of cell bank storage is to convert liquid nitrogen into nitrogen gas and store samples in gaseous form of liquid nitrogen.

In detail, an evaporator is installed at the bottom of the cell bank. When using it, first open the liquid pipeline discharge valve connected to the evaporator, and the liquid nitrogen enters the evaporator through the pipeline. After gasification, the liquid nitrogen expands and rises to the top of the tank to form pressure. .

When the sample storage area needs nitrogen supplementation, the liquid nitrogen in the tank is pressed out by the internal pressure, passes through the pipeline, the evaporator, and then enters the cell bank. This cycle ensures the low temperature of the sample storage area.

Advantages of cell bank storage:

This principle makes the internal storage temperature of the cell bank more stable, and contains multiple temperature zones to cover a variety of storage needs.

This gas-phase preservation method can also be regarded as cutting off the burst tube and cross-contamination from the source to ensure the safety of the sample.

Cell bank storage principle and advantages