Comprehensive Drug Stability Test Chamber

Product Usage:

The product is specially used in the pharmaceutical industry to conduct drug stability investigation tests to determine the validity period and influencing factors of drugs. The product conforms to the country Long-term, accelerated, and intermediate tests in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, FDA, ICH and other related standards, and also meet the requirements of special drugs such as large infusions.

40°C, 20%R.H low humidity test. In addition to the product advantages, it can ensure stable and reliable test results and long service life.

In addition, it also includes three factors that can be controlled simultaneously through a single device: temperature, humidity and illuminance.



  • 01 Stainless steel studio, four-corner arc structure, easy to clean, 360° omnidirectional sterilization without dead ends.
  • 02 In line with the world's environmental protection trend, new fluorine-free design, high efficiency, low energy consumption, promoting energy saving, so that you can always walk in the Healthy living ahead.
  • 03Touch screen controller, with lock screen function, stable, reliable and accurate control, 0-99 can be set according to user needs Segment period, 0-30 segment programs can be set for each segment period, and the setting time of each segment program is 0-9999 minutes.
  • 04 Select LED light source, the light intensity can be adjusted in multiple levels.
  • 05 Air duct structure: adopt the design concept of annular airflow, forced convection to simulate the principle of air circulation, and ensure the temperature of each part.Highly uniform and stable.
  • 06 Two sets of imported compressors are customized and automatically switched to ensure that the drug test runs for a long time without failure, and breaks through domestic drugs.The defect that the product test box cannot run for a long time.
  • 07 Continuous operation without defrosting, avoiding fluctuations in temperature and humidity due to defrosting during use.
  • 08 The humidity sensor adopts imported Honeywell humidity sensor to avoid the trouble caused by frequent replacement of wet and dry bulbs and wet belts.
  • 09 External high-performance humidifier, independent humidification, safe and reliable, ensuring quick humidity generation, high precision and small fluctuation.
  • 10 Test hole: A 45mm diameter test hole produced by a special abrasive tool is set on the side of the box to facilitate user inspection.
  • 11 Independent temperature limit alarm system, sound and light alarm prompt, condenser blockage cleaning alarm, the operator can ensure the safe operation of the laboratory without accidents.
  • 12 A new UV anti-virus lamp is standard, which can disinfect the inside of the box regularly, so as to effectively prevent the pollution during the drug test.
  • 13Embedded printer, real-time monitoring of the operation of the box, easy to query to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the test.
  • 14 Multi-parameter one-machine display controller, temperature, humidity, display on the same interface, and operation status are clear at a glance.
  • 1.Dynamically adjust the cooling capacity of the compressor, energy saving and environmental protection;
  • 2.It has the function of independent exchange, repairs the change of temperature and humidity, and makes the temperature and humidity control more accurate and reliable;
  • 3.It can be connected to the RS-485 interface, and the data can be uploaded to the computer, which is convenient for programming and monitoring the experimental process on the computer;
  • 4.Through the SMS alarm function, the data will be transmitted to the mobile phone of the designated person at the first time, and the emergency situation will be dealt with in time.Lab attrition costs are seen to be minimal; one calling card can manage multiple devices.
  • 5.Can provide customers with IQ (installation confirmation), OQ (operation confirmation), PQ (performance confirmation) to ensure the performance of the incubator and the compliance requirements of various indicators, if necessary, please contact the manufacturer.


model Comprehensive Drug Stability Test Chamber
RQM-150 RQM-250 RQM-350 RQM-500 RQM-1000 RQM-1500
volume 150L 250L 350L 500L 1000L 1500L
Temperature control range 0-70℃
temperature fluctuation ±0.5
temperature uniformity ≤±1℃
Humidity Fluctuation ±3%RH
Temperature and humidity control method Balanced temperature and humidity control
Light range 0-10000LUX multi-level adjustable (do not need light to choose drug stability test box)
Cooling System Two sets of imported brand compressors are automatically switched
Timing range 0-9999min
sensor Imported Honeywell humidity sensor
Working temperature RT+5-35°C
power supply AC 220V/38oV  ±10%  50Hz
input power 700W 850W 1500w 2000W 4500W 5500W
Studio Dimensions (mm) W*D*H 470*500*800 550*500*840 600*600*1000 600*730*1200l 500*1360*1560 790*1380*1400
Dimensions (mm) W*D*H 680*740*1550 740*850*1670 780*850*1750 900*850*1910 800*19501870 1000*1400*2200
load tray 2 pieces 3 pieces
Embedded printer Standard
safety equipment Compressor overheat protection, compressor overpressure protection, overtemperature protection


  • (On the basis of this parameter, comprehensive drug test incubators of different specifications can be customized according to customer needs)


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