Constant temperature and humidity incubator

Product Usage:

Suitable for plant culture, breeding test; bacteria, microorganism culture, used for breeding, fermentation, microorganism Cultivation, various constant temperature tests, environmental tests, substance denaturation tests, culture medium, serum, drugs, etc. product storage, etc. It can be widely used in aseptic test of medicine, textile, food processing, etc. Research and application fields such as medical and health care, biopharmaceuticals, agricultural scientific research, and environmental protection.



  • 1LCD display controller, can set temperature and humidity.
  • 2360-degree omnidirectional sterilization without dead angle.
  • 3In line with the world's environmental protection trend, the new fluorine-free design enables you to always walk in the front of a healthy life.
  • 4According to user needs to set 0-99 segment cycles, each segment cycle can be set to 0-30 segment programs, each segment .The sequence setting time is 0-9999 minutes.
  • 5Imported compressor, dynamically adjust the cooling capacity of the compressor.
  • 6Microcomputer temperature and humidity controller, precise and reliable temperature control. Key components such as compressors are imported products.
  • 7The humidity sensor adopts imported Honeywell humidity sensor to avoid the trouble caused by frequent replacement of wet and dry bulbs and wet belts.
  • 8Equipped with an independent temperature limit alarm system, which will automatically interrupt when the temperature exceeds the limit to ensure the safe operation of the experiment without accidents./li>
  • 9Optional printer to record the changes of temperature and humidity parameters, and optional SMS alarm function.
  • 10Optional RS485 interface, used to connect to a printer or computer, can record changes in temperature and humidity parameters.
  • 11The automatic defrosting function of the compressor not only avoids the inconvenience caused by manual defrosting, but also solves the problem of unstable humidity during the operation of the cabinet./li>
  • 12Can produce low temperature cryogenic temperature -15°C-25°C.
  • 13Air duct structure: Adopting the annular airflow design concept, forced convection simulates the principle of air circulation, to ensure that the internal temperature is highly uniform and stable.
  • 14Electronic humidity sensor: for accurate humidity measurement, the electronically controlled humidification and dehumidification system ensures reliable humidity detection.
  • 15Test hole (optional): A 45mm diameter test hole produced by a special mold on the side of the box is convenient for users to monitor.
  • 16The insulation material of the box is made of German Bayer fluorine-free polyurethane. The overall one-time foaming technology greatly improves the thermal insulation performance, thereby greatly reducing the energy consumption.
  • 17It has functions such as over-humidity protection and leakage protection, as well as automatic start, automatic stop, automatic operation, clock display, call recovery and other functions.


model Constant temperature and humidity incubator
LHS-150(H) LHS-250 {H) LHS-350 (H) LHS-500(H) LHS-1000 (H)
volume 150L 25OL 350L 500L 100OL
Temperature control range 0~70℃
temperature resolution 0.1℃
temperature uniformity ≤0.5℃
temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Humidity control range 30~95%RH
Humidity Fluctuation ±3%RH
input power 750W 850W 1500W 2000W 4500W
power supply AC 220V 50Hz
Working temperature 5-35℃
Continuous working time 9999h Not less than 9999h
Studio size(mm)W*D*H 470*500*800 550*500*840 600*600*1000 600*730*1200 500*1360*1560
Dimensions(mm)W*D*H 680*740*1550 740*850*1670 780*850*1750 900*850*1910 800*1950*1870
Load carrier (standard) 2 pieces 3 pieces 6 pieces


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