Cryogenic Storage Systems for efficient and secure sample storage

2022-07-29 10:52:11

The storage of biological samples is always strict with environmental and temperature requirements.

During storage, the temperature should be as low as possible, which can reduce the biochemical reaction in the organism to a greater extent; and it should be stable to improve the stability of each component in the sample. The environment should be kept clean and free of bacteria, etc.

Therefore, liquid nitrogen at -196°C is often used to store samples, but in terms of efficient and safe sample storage, vapor Cryogenic Storage Systems, which are in the same vein as liquid nitrogen storage, are better and are often used in laboratories to store large quantities of biological organisms. in the sample.

Because of it, not only efficient sample storage and management, but also a safe and stable temperature and environment for samples.

In Cryogenic Storage Systems, samples are stored separately from liquid nitrogen, above which the samples enjoy the low temperature created by the evaporation of the liquid nitrogen.

There is also electronic temperature control and liquid nitrogen dispersion technology to ensure that the temperature is consistent with the storage area, and the temperature distribution of different storage areas is uniform, giving the sample multiple temperature options.

The sample management in Cryogenic Storage Systems replaces manual work with intelligence. It can display temperature curves in real time, has data record download and alarm functions, and can also control automatic liquid replenishment, which greatly improves the safety of sample storage and makes management more efficient.

Cryogenic Storage Systems for efficient and secure sample storage