Lab liquid nitrogen container accessories


KGSQ laboratory liquid nitrogen container optional accessories series include five-wheel trolleys, smart neck plugs, Cryogenic liquid nitrogen gloves, etc., to facilitate the movement of cell storage tanks, liquid level monitoring, and sample collection.


five wheel cart

  • KGSQ liquid nitrogen tank five-wheel trolley, stainless steel, with rollers at the bottom, helps users easily carry liquid nitrogen Dewar tanks, especially suitable for scientific research laboratories, hospitals, ETC.
  • 1. All stainless steel material;
  • 2. Large-volume liquid nitrogen biological container is used for short-distance transfer, assisting manual transfer of samples or liquid nitrogen;
  • 3. Put the liquid nitrogen tank directly on the cart without additional fixation and easy transfer;
  • 4. Pay attention to confirm the size with the manufacturer when purchasing.
Liquid nitrogen tank five-wheel cart

Cryogenic liquid nitrogen gloves

  • KGSQ cryogenic liquid nitrogen gloves are made of multi-layer low-temperature resistant composite materials with a temperature resistance of -160°C-400°C. They can be used for laboratory research, industrial fields, frozen food processing, and cryogenic grinding in cryogenic environments used by staff.
  • 1.38cm, 48cm, 68cm three specifications, choose according to your needs;
  • 2. It is composed of multiple thin layers of insulating materials and high thermal insulation inner layer, which is comfortable to wear and keeps warm;
  • 3. Gloves are light and soft, thick but not heavy, flexible and have pores to take away moisture;
  • 4. Resistant to liquid nitrogen low temperature, can directly contact liquid nitrogen, take samples or obtain liquid nitrogen from the liquid nitrogen tank.
Cryogenic liquid nitrogen gloves

Cryogenic liquid nitrogen gloves

  • KGSQ SmartCap/smart neck plug, a highly integrated low-power IoT module with the function of monitoring the liquid level and temperature of the liquid nitrogen tank. Suitable for 50MM/80MM/125MM/216MM caliber liquid nitrogen tank products, with built-in high-efficiency nickel batteries, the effective working time is more than 2 years. After it collects liquid level and temperature data, it transmits the collected data to the data repeater for storage at a fixed frequency (10 minutes/time) through 2.4G wireless mode.
  • 1.High-precision liquid level measurement and temperature measurement dual independent measurement system;
  • 2.Real-time display of liquid level and temperature and free setting of SMS, email and WeChat alarm;
  • 3.Send liquid level and temperature data to the data repeater wirelessly;
  • 4.The liquid level and temperature data are remotely transmitted to the cloud to realize data recording, printing, storage and other functions;
  • 5.Powered by built-in imported special-shaped nickel battery, the battery life is long;
  • 6.Suitable for various brands of aluminum alloy containers, mainly 50, 80, 125, 216 calibers.


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