Cryogenic sample storage tank selection criteria

2023-04-10 09:20:48

Cryogenic sample storage is mostly carried out in liquid nitrogen tanks!

These vacuum-constructed, adiabatic biocontainers can preserve biological samples for months and years, or even decades, after being filled with a cryogenic medium – liquid nitrogen – and the samples remain active after thawing.

This property gives it a large share of use in the field of cryogenic research and raises some problems of use!

However, it is not so much the storage of cryogenic samples that has been a problem for users, but rather how should I choose a cryogenic sample storage tank?

KGSQ will talk to you in more detail today about the selection criteria for cryogenic sample storage tanks:

1.Based on sample size

To store cryogenic samples, the sample is the core and everything revolves around it, as does the selection of storage containers.

You need to choose a cryogenic sample storage tank that can hold the number of samples you need. You can’t choose a 10 litre tank that can only hold 1788 0.25ml tubes when there is a more suitable 30 litre tank.

Also don’t choose large cryogenic storage tanks for fewer samples, e.g. 15 samples but use 30 litre tanks, an excessive capital investment.

In short, the selection should be tailored to the sample size.

2.by sample volume

Selection of cryogenic sample storage tanks, considering quantity but also volume;

For example, in the case of small metallic materials, or large individual samples, if only the quantity is considered, regardless of the volume, there may be a problem of buying a liquid nitrogen tank, but the diameter is not suitable and it is very difficult to put in and take out the sample.

Furthermore, the different sizes of carrying drums and lyophilisation racks that come with different calibre cryobiological storage tanks have to be seen in conjunction with the number + volume of samples.

3.Focus on the experience of use, while taking into account your own tolerance for liquid nitrogen loss

The standard is aimed at users who want easier access to their samples and are therefore considering large-bore cryogenic sample storage tanks;

The larger the calibre, the faster the liquid nitrogen evaporates, like the YDS-10, 50mm calibre, 100 days static storage; 80mm calibre only 56 days!

Therefore, when you want to store cryogenic samples in a large diameter liquid nitrogen tank, ask yourself if you can withstand the high evaporation of liquid nitrogen if you are not limited by the number and volume of samples that must be stored in the large diameter.

Cryogenic sample storage tank selection criteria