Do liquid nitrogen sperm storage tanks need locking lids?

2023-12-08 09:18:12

Due to different locations, when liquid nitrogen containers are used in laboratories, locking lids are usually added to the jars to prevent researchers from accidentally taking samples, which will cause a series of troubles. Adding locking lids and locking can greatly prevent samples from being taken by mistake, and also It can prevent precious samples from being stolen.​

Animal husbandry and breeding are different. Most of them are self-employed. Semen from fine breeds is usually collected at home or on a farm in a liquid nitrogen sperm storage tank. In this case, is it necessary to lock the lid?

do you need?

In fact, it still depends on personal needs!

It is not easy to collect semen from well-bred bulls. If the sperm tank has been kept at home and no outsiders will enter or leave the room where the container is stored, in this case, whether or not the lid should be locked has no effect. Because the lock cover does not have any thermal insulation effect, more or less will not affect the volatilization of liquid nitrogen, it just increases the safety line of defense.

But if your liquid nitrogen sperm storage tank is placed in a place where people often come in and out, such as a sperm bank, and there is more than one liquid nitrogen tank in this place, you can add a locking lid in this case, or your sample is particularly precious and you don’t want to If someone accidentally opens the lid and affects sperm activity, the lid should be locked to prevent any unplanned opening.

Finally, the molds of different brands of liquid nitrogen sperm storage tanks currently on the market are slightly different. Therefore, there are two types, one without a locking cover, and the other commonly used models with a locking cover, such as KGSQ’s 10-liter 50mm small-diameter sperm collection tank. Use portable liquid nitrogen storage tanks, 30-liter 125 and 35-liter 125 liquid nitrogen sperm storage tanks for long-term storage. They all have locking lids!

Everyone should consider your needs before purchasing!

Do liquid nitrogen sperm storage tanks need locking lids