Do you know the caliber size of the Ln2 tank?

2024-05-24 10:30:38

Cryogenic storage of samples and long-term storage of liquid nitrogen require ln2 tanks!

Because of the different needs of users in each scene, like clinics and food production, are small size; scientific research experiments, favouring large capacity and large calibre; animal husbandry is a small capacity + variety of calibres. Therefore, when it comes to specific use, after determining the use also depends on the calibre!

Do you know the caliber size of the ln2 tank?

A: Depends on the specific type!

Only those that meet both conditions of liquid nitrogen and sample storage can talk about the caliber. For example, the YDZ pressurized liquid nitrogen tank only transports liquid nitrogen and does not have a caliber, so there is no need to know the caliber size. The remaining YDS, YDD and dry shipper containers meet two conditions at the same time, divided into large and small calibers!

First, let’s talk about the more commonly used YDS series ln2 tanks!

More commonly used because of the wide range of applications, livestock sperm storage, artificial insemination, scientific research embryonic cell freezing available, only preservation of liquid nitrogen dermatology, ice cream parlours can also be used. So its calibre covers a wide range, there are 50mm, 80mm, 125mm, 127mm, 210 and 216mm. among them, 50-80mm calibre ln2 tanks are equipped with round buckets, and the ones above 125mm are with square shelves. Let’s talk again, the YDD series ln2 tank used in the sample library creation!

It is a more professional smart liquid nitrogen tank, and it is also a cryogenic tank for storing samples in the vapor phase!

It is suitable for use in large laboratories, as well as the establishment of sample banks, such as sperm banks, stem cell banks, etc., to centralise the storage of samples in large quantities, with a capacity of 350-1800 litres. Therefore, its calibre is much larger than YDS series ln2 tanks, which are 326mm, 445mm, 465mm and 635mm respectively, and it is designed with off-set mouth, which reduces the loss of liquid nitrogen.

Finally, the dry shipper!

A series of liquid nitrogen tanks that can be taken on planes and high-speed trains for sample transportation!

Because of the scope of application, they are all portable design with a single handle, and because the sample type is divided into fine tubes and cryopreservation tubes, there are 50 and 80mm calibre adapted to the round bucket, and also 125 and 216mm calibre for the formula-shaped rack, a variety of choices.

These are the descriptions of the caliber of the ln2 tank. Don’t forget the caliber after selecting the container and determining the capacity!

Do you know the caliber size of the Ln2 tank