Do you know the main purpose of the laboratory ice machine?

2023-03-20 09:34:01

The working principle of the laboratory ice machine is to use a high-efficiency fluorine-free compressor for refrigeration and compression, which is mainly used for refrigeration.The ice machine commonly used in the laboratory is called the snowflake ice machine, and the snowflake ice machine is mainly used in conjunction with the laboratory ice bath.

The laboratory chooses the snowflake ice machine because the ice it produces is snowflake-like crushed ice, which can be in closer contact with the sample, ensuring the effect and reducing loss;The needs of each laboratory are different, and the required ice output is also different. You can tell KGSQ and we will recommend you a more suitable snowflake ice machine according to your needs.

KGSQ Snowflake Ice Machine is controlled by a computer program throughout the process. It can make ice continuously. The ice making speed is fast and the ice making efficiency is high. The shell is made of stainless steel with low noise. Cold protection, fault alarm will be displayed, more convenient to operate;

The installation of the KGSQ snowflake ice machine is also very simple, as long as you have a power supply, water inlet, and drain at the location where you install it.

Do you know the main purpose of the laboratory ice machine?