Does adding liquid nitrogen to a vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage system touch the sample?

2024-04-26 09:32:06

Users who have some understanding of how a liquid nitrogen container works know that it gets all of its low temperatures from a liquid nitrogen supply;

To preserve biological samples, you can only do so if they are filled with liquid nitrogen, regardless of whether the container is a vapor-phase liquid nitrogen storage system or a liquid-phase storage method, the use of liquid nitrogen is indispensable. And, as you know, liquid nitrogen will volatilize, and they all need to be regularly filled with liquid nitrogen to ensure a cryogenic environment.

We are all familiar with liquid phase storage, the new tank is pre-cooled and filled with liquid nitrogen before putting in the samples, there is no problem of touching the samples during the process of adding liquid nitrogen. After that, the liquid will be replenished, and the liquid nitrogen will be injected into the samples from the tank opening, and there will be fluctuation of liquid level during the filling process, and it is inevitable to touch the samples, but it is just not too strong, plus the samples are protected, so it can be ignored. What about vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage systems?

Does a vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage system with liquid nitrogen also touch the sample?

The answer is: not at all!


This is because its samples are preserved in a vapor-phase environment rather than immersed in liquid nitrogen!

Vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage systems are cryogenic tanks with a capacity of 350-1800 liters, which can hold samples ranging from tens of thousands to more than 100,000. For the convenience of management, and for the protection of the samples and the container itself, as well as for economic considerations, the vapor-phase sample storage method is used, i.e., a liquid nitrogen preservation area is delineated in the inner liner, with a separate space, which is free of any samples.

The samples are then distributed above the liquid nitrogen storage space, within the vapor phase sample storage location of this cryogenic tank.

When adding liquid nitrogen, there will be a pipe connected to the liquid nitrogen storage area, which is injected directly from the bottom without touching the sample at all.

Therefore, you can rest assured that the process of adding liquid nitrogen to a vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage system is not perceived by the sample at all!

Does adding liquid nitrogen to a vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage system touch the sample