Does liquid nitrogen storage Dewar need to be connected to a supply tank?

2024-04-12 09:57:56

In recent years, with the diversification of market demand, the types of liquid nitrogen containers have increased;

Currently, the liquid nitrogen storage Dewars on the global market are no longer limited to aluminum open ones. There are liquid nitrogen tanks with larger capacity for sample libraries and pressurized liquid nitrogen supply tanks specialized in liquid nitrogen filling. Correspondingly, Liquid nitrogen pumps and alarm accessories have also entered the public eye.

Among them, the aluminum open-top and sample library liquid nitrogen Dewar are still based on sample storage, and the liquid nitrogen supply tank provides rehydration services for them!

Does that mean that all liquid nitrogen storage Dewar refills need to be connected to the supply tank?

Actually no, whether you want to connect or not depends on your own needs!

There are currently three options for liquid nitrogen storage Dewar rehydration:

The first type: manual filling

That is, it is common for two people to work together to lift the rehydration tank and inject liquid nitrogen into the target liquid nitrogen Dewar tank;

The advantage of manual rehydration is that it is relatively economical and does not require equipment costs;

The disadvantage is that if the liquid nitrogen storage Dewar capacity is large, the liquid replenishment time will be longer, the liquid nitrogen loss will be greater, and it will also consume labor.

Second type: Find a company that provides liquid nitrogen supply services

Usually it is a gas company, which is also the most commonly used method of rehydration now!

The gas company has charging standards, and you need to bring your own liquid nitrogen Dewar to the location where liquid nitrogen is filled;

Due to the distance, users are accustomed to carrying multiple containers at one time for centralized rehydration, which is not flexible enough.

Of course, if the amount of liquid nitrogen is large, the gas company will also provide door-to-door services.

Type 3: Connect the supply tank or liquid nitrogen pump

Supply tank, which is the pressurized liquid nitrogen tank mentioned earlier;

It has its own liquid nitrogen storage space and output system, and is connected to the liquid nitrogen storage Dewar to quickly supply liquid nitrogen.

The advantages are high efficiency, low pressure and safety, no annual inspection is required, and it is equipped with casters and can be moved back and forth indoors. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high. Except for laboratory rehydration and superconducting use, it is rarely used in other industries. Those with large capacity and sufficient funds may be considered.

In addition, the liquid nitrogen pump is only a liquid replenishment tool without a liquid storage space. Therefore, a 50mm diameter liquid nitrogen storage tank is required. The liquid replenishment efficiency is not as good as a pressurized liquid nitrogen tank, and it is suitable for medium-capacity liquid nitrogen containers to replenish liquid.

Therefore, not all liquid nitrogen storage Dewars need to be equipped with supply tanks!

Does liquid nitrogen storage Dewar need to be connected to a supply tank