Does the 216mm diameter liquid nitrogen sample storage tank need to be refilled more frequently?

2024-02-26 10:25:25

There is an underlying rule in the use of liquid nitrogen tanks: the larger the diameter of the container, the greater the loss of liquid nitrogen!

This is caused by the larger caliber heat contact surface!

Several mainstream liquid nitrogen containers are used in places. The food production category usually has a small diameter of 50mm; the cattle semen storage type is 50-210mm. The most frequently used ones are the 50mm diameter semen collection and 125mm semen storage; and the other is in the scientific research market. 216mm diameter liquid nitrogen sample storage tank.

Judging from the rules of the industry, the largest loss among them is of course the 216mm liquid nitrogen sample storage tank, which is also a fact. A larger tank mouth means a wider diameter, more heat will enter when opening the lid for sampling, and a larger amount of volatile liquid nitrogen will be discharged when placed statically. According to common sense, the 216mm liquid nitrogen storage tank must have the highest refill frequency, after all, the loss is large.

But in fact, the refill frequency of the 216mm diameter liquid nitrogen sample storage tank is not very high!

For example, the commonly used model YDS-65-216 can be stored statically for 85 days, which is very close to the 87 days for 10 liters;

Another example is YDS-145-216, which has a static storage period of 173 days, which is much higher than the 30 liter, 35 liter and 50 liter liquid nitrogen sample storage tanks with a diameter of 125mm. The static storage periods of these models are 90 days, 100 days and 115 days.

In dynamic situations, it depends on the frequency of use, but from the test data, under the same opening frequency and opening time, the 216mm diameter liquid nitrogen sample tank is not the one with a higher refill frequency.

The reason, of course, is that we cannot talk about caliber alone without capacity! Although the 216mm diameter is large and the daily evaporation loss is high, its capacity base is large, within the range of 65-175 liters. In this practical situation, its loss is large, but the refill frequency is not necessarily the highest!

Does the 216mm diameter liquid nitrogen sample storage tank need to be refilled more frequently