Does the Ln2 freezer have to be equipped with a liquid nitrogen supply tank?

2024-03-22 10:05:03

Users who have a certain understanding of the category and development of liquid nitrogen container tanks know that in addition to the highly popular aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen tanks, there are also ln freezers and liquid nitrogen supply tanks. The latter two generally appear in “combinations”, and many It is a liquid nitrogen freezer equipped with an ln2 supply tank, which is used in large experiments or sample library storage locations.

Why do they always appear in combination?

Is it necessary to equip a liquid nitrogen supply tank to use an ln2 freezer?

Theoretically yes!

Liquid nitrogen freezers are generally equipped with supply tanks, but they do not necessarily have to be low-pressure liquid nitrogen supply tanks. They can also be medium- and high-pressure Dewar bottles, depending on the specific capital investment and budget. Because the relatively safer supply tank is more expensive than the traditional Dewar!

Why must it be matched?

Of course, because the capacity of the ln2 freezer is too large, it is inconvenient to move, manual replenishment is impractical, and it is not timely enough to find the gas company!

1.Let’s talk about capacity first. It’s inconvenient to move around.

The capacity of the ln2 freezer ranges from 350 to 1800 liters, with the smallest one at 350 liters, far exceeding the 175 liters of the aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen tank. This capacity is destined to remain stable even if the container is equipped with casters. Choosing a movable liquid nitrogen supply tank to use with it will save a lot of effort.

2.Manual fluid replenishment is unrealistic, and finding a gas company is not timely enough.

The internal liquid nitrogen storage of the Ln freezer is 55-320 liters. The smallest model of liquid nitrogen replenishment is equivalent to filling a 65-liter aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen tank. It is simply unrealistic to manually replenish such a liquid nitrogen amount. Moreover, the liquid nitrogen freezer has a layered design of the inner tank. The liquid nitrogen is at the bottom and there is a tray above. It is impossible to pour liquid nitrogen from the mouth of the tank and can only be connected through pipes.

Although the gas company can be selected for pipeline connection, it is difficult for the gas company to provide liquid nitrogen supply at any time. In terms of emergency situations, the response speed is better with the liquid nitrogen supply tank. It is always connected to the ln2 freezer. When used, the liquid nitrogen supply tank is always connected. Just open the valve, and you can also install a solenoid valve to set up automatic fluid replenishment.

In addition, in places with high confidentiality such as laboratories and biological sample banks, allowing gas companies to enter may involve formalities. It is better for the staff to bring the supply tank to fill it, and then let the supply tank “serve” the ln2 freezer!

This is why the ln2 freezer is equipped with a liquid nitrogen supply tank!

Does the Ln2 freezer have to be equipped with a liquid nitrogen supply tank