Does the Ln2 supply tank need to be plugged in?

2023-11-22 09:46:53

The equipment that can be used for liquid nitrogen supply is the liquid nitrogen pump and the ln2 supply tank, which is a self-pressurizing liquid nitrogen tank.

There are two types of liquid nitrogen pumps, one is foot-operated, relying on manpower, and the other is mechanical, relying on electricity, both with the help of external force. In terms of rehydration efficiency, the mechanically operated liquid nitrogen pump is not as good as the ln2 supply tank, let alone the foot-operated one.

According to normal thinking, since they are both rehydration equipment and should rely on external force, does the high rehydration efficiency of the ln2 supply tank mean that it uses more power than the mechanical liquid nitrogen pump?

Do all ln2 supply tanks need to be plugged in when working?

of course not!

It is true that the Ln2 supply tank is a rehydration equipment, but to be more precise, it is a cryogenic rehydration container, which is a branch of the liquid nitrogen container! The biggest difference from the liquid nitrogen pump is that it is a vacuum insulated tank with its own liquid nitrogen storage space, while the liquid nitrogen pump only connects two tanks and does not have the ability to store liquid nitrogen, even with the help of electricity.

Its working principle is also very different from that of a liquid nitrogen pump, because it has its own liquid nitrogen inside, and the output is also the liquid nitrogen in its own tank. Therefore, the clever design uses the heat-absorbing vaporization energy of liquid nitrogen to achieve pressurization, and It outputs the liquid nitrogen stored internally under pressure, rather than relying on electricity as everyone thinks. It also has no plug for power, just a set of valves that control pressurized fluid replenishment.

In addition, you should know that liquid nitrogen itself has a low temperature and is easy to volatilize into gas. The liquid nitrogen container only provides a storage space so that the liquid nitrogen can be used by users. The ln2 supply tank, which is one of the liquid nitrogen containers, is of course no exception!

Does the Ln2 supply tank need to be plugged in