Does the Ln2 supply tank support manual pressure adjustment?

2023-08-11 09:24:36

The current liquid nitrogen container does not only have the single function of liquid nitrogen storage in the past, but also adds sample storage, and a new branch of liquid nitrogen supply – ln2 supply tank appears, which can supply liquid nitrogen to liquid nitrogen containers with larger capacity and caliber!

In addition to the different functions, the ln2 supply tank is also the one with pressure in the liquid nitrogen tank, and its supply needs to be completed by increasing the pressure!

Is it somewhat similar to a high-pressure medium-pressure Dewar?

But it is not, its pressure has been in the low pressure range, the system design, the pressure will not be higher than 0.1MPa!

Does that mean that the pressure of the ln2 supply tank is fixed and cannot be adjusted manually?

Actually not, the ln2 supply tank supports manual pressure adjustment, within the range of 0.1MPa!

In fact, strictly speaking, the pressure of the ln2 supply tank is adjusted manually, unless your output container is equipped with a solenoid valve.

When it is necessary to increase the pressure to output liquid nitrogen, we need to manually adjust the valve of the ln2 supply tank!

The first thing to close is the vent valve. If it is opened, it will only release the pressure of the container, and then open the booster valve. The pressure depends on how hard you open the booster valve. If you want a higher pressure, it should be higher than 0.05 For MPa, turn some more booster valves, and turn them back if they feel too big. Manually adjust the whole process, and control the pressure by yourself.

Therefore, the ln2 supply tank supports manual pressure adjustment!