Does the beef cattle semen nitrogen tank need to add liquid nitrogen every day?

2023-06-19 09:41:50

There are many types of beef essence, but no matter what type, whether it is beef cattle or Holstein cattle, as long as it is preserved, it needs to use a liquid nitrogen tank!

The liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank is indispensable for consumption. In addition to liquid nitrogen and frozen semen, there is also nitrogen in the tank. Therefore, some users who store beef semen will call the liquid nitrogen tank a beef semen liquid nitrogen tank!

The use of beef semen nitrogen tanks will inevitably lead to problems related to liquid nitrogen replenishment. After all, liquid nitrogen will be consumed naturally. Our daily opening of the cap to install frozen semen or take frozen semen will also accelerate the entry of external heat, resulting in increased loss of liquid nitrogen. As a result, some novice users will have such a question: Do beef cattle semen nitrogen tanks need to be filled with liquid nitrogen every day?

After all, the storage in liquid nitrogen tanks is for the activity of semen. If the loss is caused by insufficient liquid nitrogen, the loss outweighs the gain. Adding liquid nitrogen every day can at least ensure that there will be no shortage of liquid nitrogen!

Is this necessary?

Actually no need!

When using the beef semen nitrogen tank to store beef semen, you only need to ensure that the liquid nitrogen can always submerge the beef semen, and there is no need to add liquid nitrogen every day.

Moreover, if you add it every day, in fact, there is not much loss in a day, and you only add a little bit at a time. It is troublesome and unnecessary to add up, and it will only increase the labor loss.

Therefore, as long as we pay attention to monitoring the remaining amount of liquid nitrogen inside the beef semen nitrogen tank, and replenish it when we find that the liquid nitrogen is about to cover the bovine semen, we will be safe.

Does the beef cattle semen nitrogen tank need to add liquid nitrogen every day