Does the liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer have a liquid level monitoring function?

2024-02-23 10:21:18

In most laboratories, the cell storage tanks we see are white;

But in places such as hospital sample banks, stem cell banks, or professional preservation centers, what we see is a liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer, a liquid nitrogen container tank made of 304 stainless steel + vacuum insulation structure.

The biggest difference between it and the white liquid nitrogen container is the volume. The volume difference between the two is close to 200l.

This volume setting makes many users worry about the problem of adding liquid nitrogen, because its minimum volume is 350 liters and the tank height is 1326mm. Obviously, you cannot use a liquid level gauge like a conventional liquid nitrogen tank. The gas phase storage mode also makes the liquid nitrogen low temperature. The freezer cannot be equipped with a liquid level alarm to remind you to refill the liquid.

Therefore, many users have asked whether it has a built-in liquid level monitoring function. If it does not have it, it will greatly increase the workload for sample library managers, and the safety of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of samples cannot be effectively guaranteed.

Does the liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer have a liquid level monitoring function?


Not only liquid level monitoring, the liquid level cryogenic freezer can also realize automatic liquid replenishment!

All this is handled uniformly by its intelligent monitoring and management system, which monitors the liquid level and reminds or reminds + automatic refilling.

Why are there two options: reminder or reminder + automatic refill?

This is because it depends on the user whether to automatically replenish liquid nitrogen. Users can choose to manually replenish liquid nitrogen, or they can ask the manufacturer to add a solenoid valve to the supply tank for automatic rehydration. But no matter which one you choose, the liquid level monitoring + reminder function is always there.

Users only need to pre-set the critical value for low liquid level. When the liquid level of the liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer = this value, there will be an automatic sound and light + email reminder, and remote monitoring is supported. You can also set a high liquid level value. When the liquid level reaches this height, there will also be a corresponding reminder to avoid waste of liquid nitrogen and ensure the stability of the gas phase storage of the sample.

Now everyone knows clearly, the liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer has a liquid level monitoring function!

Does the liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer have a liquid level monitoring function