Does the liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer need a supply tank?

2023-11-10 09:52:09

Liquid nitrogen tanks must be refilled, and this is the case for conventional 1-175 liters, as well as for large-capacity liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezers!

It’s just that the methods of replenishing liquids vary. Small-capacity liquids are usually poured manually or liquid nitrogen pumps are used. Large-capacity liquids, such as those used in laboratories, are sometimes equipped with self-pressurizing liquid nitrogen tanks for replenishment, or you can find a gas company to replenish liquids. Pack!

The unconventional liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer has a large capacity and is in the gas phase. It is used in the establishment of a sample library. It is also one of the cryogenic containers in experimental sites and has a considerable sample reserve. Does its liquid replenishment also have a replenishment tank like the laboratory liquid nitrogen container?

Does a liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer really need a supply tank? Can I ask a gas company to refill it? Based on the use of KGSQ cooperative users, it is still necessary to have a supply tank!

First, the capacity of liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezers is relatively large, usually 350-1800 liters, and the number of samples stored inside exceeds 10,000. The larger the jar, the more samples, which can reach hundreds of thousands, and they are all precious samples. , it is very unrealistic to move out for rehydration.

Secondly, if a gas company is responsible for filling, it is also necessary to consider whether outsiders can enter the sample library.

The third is the timeliness and flexibility of liquid replenishment. Compared with the gas company’s replenishment tank, the liquid supply will be more timely because it is always connected to the liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer, and a solenoid valve can be installed to achieve automatic rehydration without manual opening. The valve is filled with liquid nitrogen.

Moreover, the supply tank can hold 50-500 liters of liquid and has casters at the bottom. It can be moved back and forth to replenish multiple liquid nitrogen freezers. The distance is not a problem and it is relatively flexible. If the liquid nitrogen in the supply tank is low, you can take it out directly to replenish the liquid to avoid troublesome procedures.

Therefore, from the perspective of use, it is still necessary to equip the liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer with a supply tank, which can save a lot of trouble!

Of course, it doesn’t come with a refill tank. You can find a gas company to refill it regularly!

Does the liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer need a supply tank