Does the liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen cell storage tank have to cover the cells?

2023-04-28 10:08:45

The liquid nitrogen cell storage tank in the laboratory is indispensable for the low temperature liquid nitrogen; They are often large-caliber and large-capacity, because the cells in the laboratory are needed for research, and there are various types and are often taken.

Therefore, the liquid nitrogen consumption of cell storage tanks is usually greater than that of pure liquid nitrogen storage containers, or frozen semen tanks!

Moreover, due to the preciousness of the cells, manufacturers of liquid nitrogen tanks will always emphasize that the liquid nitrogen covers the cells, so the frequency of rehydration of the laboratory series of liquid nitrogen containers is relatively high!

This also brings about relevant thinking: for example, “must the liquid nitrogen in the cell storage tank cover the cells”?

must it?


From the perspective of safe storage of cells, KGSQ will suggest this!

You should know that cells are stored in cryopreservation racks. The cryopreservation racks are composed of small grids arranged from top to bottom. The storage order of cells is from bottom to top, and the evaporation loss of liquid nitrogen is from top to bottom. Under the condition, the cells located higher up were relatively shallower in liquid nitrogen.

Therefore, as the liquid nitrogen capacity decreases, the cells in the upper part of the cryopreservation rack are actually dangerous.

But if there are no cells stored in the upper part, you can replenish the liquid later, but also ensure that the liquid nitrogen covers the cells.

Of course, in actual use, if you feel that the cells are not particularly sensitive to low temperature, you can determine the rehydration time as appropriate, but it is better to let the liquid nitrogen cover the cells to be safe!

Does the liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen cell storage tank have to cover the cells