Electric blast / constant temperature drying oven

Product Usage:

The electric blast/constant temperature drying oven is produced by advanced numerical control processing technology, and is used for drying, baking, sterilizing and melting wax in universities, laboratories, scientific research institutes, medical and industrial and mining enterprises.



  • 01The box body is made of high-quality steel plate, the surface is plated with high temperature plastic, and the box body is made of stainless steel liner.
  • 02Intelligent PID temperature control, accurate and reliable temperature control, with timing, over-limit deviation alarm, power-off protection and other functions.
  • 03The hot air circulation system is composed of fans and air ducts that can run continuously at high temperatures to improve the uniformity of temperature in the working room.
  • 04Optional 99-segment programmable LCD controller.
  • 05Convenient panel control operation, user can adjust and control arbitrarily, easy to use.
  • 06The new type of silicone rubber sealing strip is adopted, which can operate at high temperature for a long time and has a long service life.
  • 07Independent temperature limit alarm function, automatic power off when the temperature exceeds the limit, to ensure laboratory safety and avoid accidents.
  • 08The optional standard RS-485 interface is convenient for the computer to manage, monitor, and print data of multiple devices.
  • 09Unique air duct design: the air entering the inner chamber of the drying box is pre-heated to the required temperature. After mixing evenly, it enters the inner chamber, moves forward and then exits, and enters and exits from the bottom to avoid wind resistance, so that the temperature of any part is consistent. Small temperature deviation, with air convection breeze device.
  • 10The shell is made of double-layer cold-rolled sheet, treated with corrosion-resistant powder paint. The arc-shaped inner chamber is designed with stainless steel acid-resistant material, smooth and free of dead ends, easy to clean and maintain, with a stainless steel shelf for stable and convenient sample extraction, double-layer vacuum tempering The glass observation window can clearly observe the condition of the chamber, which is simple, beautiful and safer!
  • 11Automatic stop, automatic start, time range display, call recovery and other functions to avoid data loss due to power failure!
  • 12Adopt dual-screen high-brightness digital tube display, touch-button setting adjustment.


model Electric blast / constant temperature drying oven
DHG-2050B/C/D DHG-2080 B/C/D DHG-2150B/C/D DHG-2200B/C/D DHG-2450 B/C/D DHG-2640 B/C/D DHG-2800B B/C/D
voltage 220V  50HZ  ±10%
Temperature control range RT+5-300℃
Constant temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
temperature uniformity <0.5℃
temperature resolution o.1℃
Working temperature RT+5-35℃
Power consumption 1000W 1500W 2000W 2450W 3500W 4500W 5300W
volume 50L 80L 150L 220L 450L 640L 800L
Inner tank size (inner tank stainless steel) 350*350*420 450*400*450 550*500*550 550*500*820 720*700*900 800*800*1000 560* 1000*1600
Dimensions (inner tank stainless steel) 700*600*510 730*610*600 650*720*910 640*720*1110 900*1120*1220 1000*1290*1220 760*1140*2020
Load tray (standard) 2 pieces 3 pieces
Timing range 1-9999min
Remark Type B: stainless steel liner  Type C: Programmable temperature control
Type D: Culture and drying dual-purpose box   


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