How biobank tanks is better than regular liquid nitrogen tanks

2022-06-06 09:17:03

We have seen a lot of liquid nitrogen tanks, storage type, transport type, large diameter, small diameter, aluminum alloy material, or aviation aluminum alloy material like Tianchi, equipped with basket/bucket, protective cover, etc., the appearance is standard white jar.

biobank tanks are different. In addition to storing samples, large samples such as stem cells, strains, vaccines can also be stored.. Since the launch of the market, it has been said that biobank tanks are good, so how is this type of container better than liquid nitrogen tanks?

How are biobank tanks better than liquid nitrogen tanks?

1. The storage method is more secure

The liquid nitrogen tank is stored in liquid phase. This storage method means that the sample cryopreservation tube is placed below the liquid nitrogen level. Once the liquid nitrogen cannot cover the sample, the activity will be lost quickly.

Moreover, in this way of storage, if the cryopreservation tube is not well sealed, liquid nitrogen can easily enter, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cryopreservation tube will increase when it is taken out, which will directly burst and the cells will be destroyed.

In biobank tanks, liquid nitrogen is on the outer wall and lower part of the tank, separated by a tray in the middle, and the inner tank is a gas phase, and the cells are also stored in the gas phase, which is equivalent to using nitrogen to create a low-temperature environment to refrigerate and freeze samples.

In this way, the possibility of liquid nitrogen entering the freezing tube is eliminated. Even if the amount of liquid nitrogen is insufficient for a while, the temperature in the tank will not be affected, and the sample is still stable.

2. Liquid nitrogen filling is easier

When using the liquid nitrogen tank, remember to check the liquid level regularly and operate it all manually; when filling liquid nitrogen, you should either inject the tank mouth into the tank mouth yourself, or buy a liquid nitrogen pump. The filling process is cumbersome, time-consuming and inefficient.

Biobank tanks are different, man-machine integrated management, the system comes with monitoring and remote operation, the liquid level can be seen at any time, and the value can be set to automatically alarm to remind liquid nitrogen filling, and it will automatically stop when it reaches the set height.

Through monitoring, the storage status of samples can also be monitored, and adjustments can be made in time, even when people are not beside the liquid nitrogen tank.

Only these two points are listed above. In fact, biobank tanks have many advantages, such as large volume, partition

management, labeling the samples for easy access and so on.

biobank tanks is better than regular liquid nitrogen tanks