How can we know how much liquid nitrogen is left in the Ln2 tank?

2024-01-29 09:49:51

Unlike freezing containers such as cryogenic refrigerators, the ln2 tank’s cooling method comes from internal liquid nitrogen rather than electricity;

Therefore, when storing experimental samples and animal sperm, ln2 tank does not need to consider installing plugs, installing circuits, making power outage plans, etc., but it is necessary to know clearly how much liquid nitrogen is left in the container! Because the volatilization of liquid nitrogen at -196°C is inevitable. Without liquid nitrogen or less liquid nitrogen, the temperature of the container will gradually increase, threatening the activity of the sample at all times!

So how do you know how much liquid nitrogen is left in the ln2 tank?

There are two types of methods, one is purely manual operation, and the other is equipped with liquid level warning equipment!

Let’s talk about manual operations first. Manual operations can be divided into two types, one is liquid level gauge (can be a wooden stick) detection, and the other is weighing.

1. Liquid level gauge detection/wooden stick detection method

Important points to note: the liquid level gauge cannot be made of plastic, and the wooden rod cannot be hollow;

The operation method is very simple. Within a fixed period of time, put the liquid level ruler or wooden stick vertically from the ln2 tank port to the bottom of the tank; then stay for a few seconds, take out the ruler or wooden stick, and the frost height is the liquid level. The remaining amount.

Just use the liquid level height to compare the height of the sample. If it is lower than the sample or is almost below the sample, you need to replenish the liquid.

2.Weighing measurement method

Key points: Measure the weight of empty cans and full cans in advance, and also know the weight of the sample!

During use, just put the ln2 tank on the scale regularly and compare the obtained data with the liters of the empty tank and the full tank to know how many grams of liquid nitrogen have been lost and how many grams are left.

3. Install liquid level warning equipment

That is, intelligent liquid level alarm and intelligent liquid level monitor!

Equipped with Swiss high-precision sensor probe, powered by dual 18650 mAh large-capacity batteries, rechargeable and can be connected to an external power supply.

When in use, the probe is fixed on the handle of the sample bucket or freezing rack and placed into the container. The peripheral device, that is, the screen display, is fixed on the handle of the ln2 tank. The corresponding data will be automatically reported and uploaded to the cloud monitoring platform. Set the upper and lower temperature limit parameters in advance, and an audible alarm will be automatically triggered when exceeded. Alarm notifications can also be synchronized to email and mobile phone text messages.

Each of the three methods has its own advantages: labor is economical, liquid level warning frees hands, and real-time data is available, making monitoring more convenient.

How can we know how much liquid nitrogen is left in the Ln2 tank