How do liquid nitrogen supply tanks deliver liquid nitrogen?

2023-02-08 10:02:33

Large liquid nitrogen refill containers are called “liquid nitrogen supply tanks“!

Named after the liquid nitrogen supply, it is also known as the “self-pressurising liquid nitrogen tank” because of the different way in which the liquid nitrogen is delivered.

How do these tanks deliver liquid nitrogen? Why is it named “self-pressurising”?

The main reason for this is that it automatically delivers liquid nitrogen by pressurisation, hence the name self-pressurisation!

How exactly is it delivered?

Still need to pressurise first!

The pressure boost is controlled by a valve in the liquid nitrogen supply tank, with internal piping to match the external!

When starting to pressurise, close the bleed-off valve – the venting valve – first to prevent a wasteful situation where the pressure is increased while leaking.

Then open the booster valve and put the vaporized liquid nitrogen in the inner and outer bile connection tubes into the inner bile, while “pressing out” the liquid nitrogen in the inner bile and then into the booster tube, cycling the booster process until the pressure ≥ 0.05 MPa, ready for infusion.

Before infusing liquid nitrogen, ensure that the outlet valve is open and that the liquid nitrogen will flow through the metal hose connected to the outlet valve and into the target liquid nitrogen container.

After making sure it is full, close the booster valve and then the discharge valve, then open the venting valve to drain off the residual pressure to ensure safety and avoid pressure problems in the liquid nitrogen supply tank in a static state.

How do liquid nitrogen supply tanks deliver liquid nitrogen