How does a small liquid nitrogen freezer achieve the vapor phase?

2024-03-08 09:51:18

In the past, it was troublesome to store laboratory samples in vapor phase if the quantity was less than 6,000.

Because conventional YDS is just a liquid phase tank with no internal partitions, cells and embryos can only be soaked in liquid nitrogen;

The YDD series liquid nitrogen freezer is too large, with a capacity of 350-1800 liters, a higher price, and can accommodate more than 10,000 samples!

But now, there is a small liquid nitrogen freezer, which looks like a YDS+ intelligent liquid level monitor. It comes standard with a locking lid and a freezing rack. It is suitable for freezing biological samples within 6,000 pieces. The important thing is that it uses vapor phase mode for storage!

How is its vapor phase achieved?

The principle is basically the same as the YDD series liquid nitrogen freezer!

The sample and liquid nitrogen are also partitioned. The evaporation of liquid nitrogen at the bottom provides low temperature for the upper sample!

The small liquid nitrogen freezer has two internal partitions. The upper part is where the sample freezing rack is placed, and the lower part is only used for liquid nitrogen storage. There are vaporization and rehydration devices connected to it, and it also has a capacitive liquid level sensor, which can easily and automatically control the liquid level. , achieving vapor phase storage at -196°C on the top of the tank. When the liquid level is too low to ensure the uniform temperature of the -190°C vapor phase at the top, the liquid replenishment program will be automatically started and liquid nitrogen will be injected to the preset position; it will automatically stop after the liquid replenishment is completed.

The implementation method is slightly different from that of the YDD series liquid nitrogen freezer, but the basic principle is the same. The liquid nitrogen vapor phase provides “cooling” for the upper part to ensure stable vapor phase low temperature. In addition, the small liquid nitrogen freezer also has the same intelligent monitoring and management system as the YDD series, including temperature, liquid level, data storage backup, remote alarm, etc., as well as the automatic replenishment mentioned above, which can be regarded as a smart version The YDS liquid nitrogen tank is a smaller version of the YDD vapor phase tank.

If your number of cells is less than a thousand, but you want to preserve them in the vapor phase, a small liquid nitrogen freezer is a good choice!

How does a small liquid nitrogen freezer achieve the vapor phase