How does cryogenic storage dewar work?

2022-06-29 09:46:04

cryogenic storage dewar, designed to facilitate the filling of liquid nitrogen containers, the model range covers 15~2000 liters, with its own pressurization system to achieve liquid nitrogen delivery, and is often used as a supplementary tank for gas-phase liquid nitrogen tanks, so how does it work? work?

How does cryogenic storage dewar work?

The job of cryogenic storage dewar is to fill other containers with liquid nitrogen, which is completed by the cooperation of multiple parts!

When work (pressurization) is required, first ensure that the cryogenic storage dewar vent valve is closed, otherwise the pressurization cannot be completed.

After that, the supercharging officially begins.

1.Open the booster valve first, give the liquid nitrogen a little time to vaporize, and let the pressure slowly increase;

2.While boosting, pay attention to observe the pressure gauge, focus on the value of the pressure gauge, and control the pressure at about 0.05MPa;

If it is less than 0.05MPa, continue to open the booster valve to pressurize; if it exceeds 0.05MPa too much, turn the booster valve back;

After ensuring the pressure ≥ 0.05MPa, go to the third step.

3.Open the inlet and outlet valves, under the action of pressure, liquid nitrogen flows out from the inlet and outlet valves.

After the liquid nitrogen delivery is completed, the pressure of the inner tank drops. In order to avoid residual pressure in the cryogenic storage dewar and residual liquid nitrogen in the pipeline, after closing the booster valve and the liquid inlet and outlet valves, the vent valve should be reopened to release the remaining liquid nitrogen and liquid nitrogen. pressure!

This is the perfect end to cryogenic storage dewar work, no ice blockage and no stress risk!

How does cryogenic storage dewar work