How does nitrogen enter the stem cell liquid nitrogen tank?

2023-05-05 09:36:48

The biggest difference from traditional liquid nitrogen containers is the sample storage method of stem cell liquid nitrogen tanks;

Traditional containers use liquid nitrogen to freeze organisms, and cells or semen samples are soaked in liquid nitrogen;

The stem cell liquid nitrogen container uses nitrogen gas to achieve low temperature storage. The sample is wrapped in nitrogen gas and does not touch liquid nitrogen!

We know that liquid nitrogen containers are designed with vacuum insulation. To prevent external heat from entering, how does nitrogen enter the stem cell liquid nitrogen tank? Isn’t this contrary to the original intention of the design?

In fact, there is no contradiction! The nitrogen used in the stem cell tank is generated by itself, not imported from the outside!

The interior of the stem cell liquid nitrogen container is designed in layers, and the layering mainly refers to the liquid nitrogen and sample partitions, which is not like a traditional tank at all!

After liquid nitrogen and samples are partitioned independently, in order to ensure that the low temperature of liquid nitrogen can be fully used by samples, stem cell tank manufacturers such as KGSQ will install an evaporator in the liquid nitrogen storage area to evaporate nitrogen to supply the sample storage area.

Since the nitrogen gas is amorphous and light, it is easy to rise up and quickly fill the sample storage area!

This is how nitrogen enters the stem cell liquid nitrogen tank! The advantage is that while ensuring the safety of bulk sample storage, the loss of liquid nitrogen is low, and the capital investment is reduced to a certain extent. Otherwise, hundreds of thousands of stem cells are stored in traditional liquid nitrogen tanks, and the liquid nitrogen input and daily loss are not a small amount.

How does nitrogen enter the stem cell liquid nitrogen tank