How does the liquid nitrogen supply tank add liquid nitrogen to other containers?

2023-08-02 09:14:22

The characteristics of liquid nitrogen doom its volatilization is inevitable!

When using liquid nitrogen to preserve biological samples, you must consider the problem of rehydration, even if you use a liquid nitrogen container tank with double tank insulation.

This type of container, whether it is a YDS series aluminum alloy tank or a stainless steel vapor-phase liquid nitrogen storage tank, is a commonly used liquid nitrogen supply tank for rehydration. It is a low-pressure liquid nitrogen tank, also called a self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank. How does it give What about other containers with liquid nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen supply tank to add liquid nitrogen to other containers:

The liquid nitrogen supply tank is a cryogenic container with valves and infusion pipes. When adding liquid nitrogen to other containers, valves, pipes and pressure are required.

When liquid nitrogen needs to be added, the liquid nitrogen supply tank will first self-pressurize, and then use the pressure to output the liquid nitrogen through the pipeline.

The way of self-pressurization is: first close the vent valve, then open the booster valve, put the nitrogen gas vaporized by absorbing heat in the booster tube into the inner tank, start from this part of the gasified liquid nitrogen, let the booster tube and The liquid nitrogen in the inner tank is circulated and exchanged until the pressure gauge number is ≥0.05MPa, and the pressurization is completed.

After the pressurization is completed, the liquid outlet valve is opened, and the liquid nitrogen flows into other containers through the pipeline under the push of pressure.

There is another automatic replenishment method for the liquid nitrogen supply tank, which is to install a solenoid valve and connect with the intelligent management system, and the system controls the automatic output of liquid nitrogen and stops the infusion. vapor-liquid phase tanks and vapor-phase liquid nitrogen storage tanks are used for rehydration. Conventional aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen tanks within 175 liters can be replenished with manually operated valves.

Now, you know how to add liquid nitrogen to other containers with the liquid nitrogen supply tank!

How does the liquid nitrogen supply tank add liquid nitrogen to other containers